An opportunity for survivors of child abuse to encourage others


A friend of mine, who is a survivor artist, is collecting brief messages of support to survivors of child abuse to make a visual monument celebrating their strength and letting them see the community of support that is out there. This will counter the feelings of isolation, shame and silence that can occur.

At a recent event in Bristol, people were invited to write on a blue ribbon a message of this sort. Reading what people had written had a huge impact on survivors and she is hoping to grow and develop this.

The idea is for people (whether survivors or not) to each write a simple, brief message to those who have or are experiencing abuse. This will be transferred onto a blue ribbon and the blue ribbons will be brought together to create a powerful impact. Some messages may also appear on a short film, as text.

To give you a feel of how long such a message could be, here are some from the event in Bristol:

I am a survivor too. i look like I’m doing well-a success .But today everything is a struggle.
A happy life is the best revenge-get to where you can be happy
Feel no shame-it never belonged to you

If you would like to contribute, it might be useful to think what you would say to a friend. If you have experienced abuse, it might be powerful to think about what you would like to say to yourself as a child, or what you might have needed to hear then or now…

If you would like to contribute feel free to email me or email Jeanie direct with your message: jeaniejones.unvarnished@gmail.comimage